Text Box: “Thank you so much for last night’s talk. I have to say that it was the best Astro presentation I have ever seen. The graphics were fantastic. We all appreciated the incredible effort that it takes the produce something of this quality. This morning the images were still going round in my head.”

Michael Finney, Northamptonshire Natural History Society
(re: Saturn Lord of the Rings)
Text Box: “Outstanding presentation, highly professional and made one feel inspired and find work in space science! Andrew evokes almost  evangelical atmosphere into his science lectures.”
Professor Stuart Mallin  High Wycombe Astronomical Society
(Re: Spaced out in High Wycombe 25th Anniversary commission)
Text Box: “Just a quick note to say how much we appreciated your talks at the exhibition. You really did put the icing on
the cake. We have already, I'm told, in emails  how the
public thought your talks were fantastic.
Again thanks Andy and I look forward to booking you for the Autumn.”
Michael Finney, Northamptonshire Natural History Society
(Re: Fire In The Sky, Grand Tour of the Solar System)
Text Box: (Andrew) entertained all present, first of all, with an introduction  to the early study of the planets  from the 16h century to the early part of the last century. He then showed some stunning images , taken over the centuries with terrestrial based telescopes of all sizes and varieties, this was a feast in its own right. But after the interval the show became really breathtaking and almost beyond credibility when we were shown myriad images taken with the Hubble Space Telescope. Words cannot describe the images which unfolded one after another, to the accompaniment of music and an informative and witty live commentary. We were shown how galaxies and the stars within them were born, lived and died, in fantastic detail and wonderful colour. It certainly made one  think just how insignificant we are in the vastness of the universe. And yet, as was pointed out, we are perhaps not all that insignificant if we can, through our human intellect, delve into the mysteries of life and how it began the far distant past many billions of years ago...In all probability this presentation which combined photography and science provided the best form of spectacle, entertainment  learning that the Deudraeth Club has ever been privileged enough to experience. 

Morris Jones,  Deudraeth Camera Club  (Re: To See The Beginning of Time) Review in AV News August 2009
Text Box: “Wonderful presentation, professional, informative, funny, and very entertaining.”
Phil Muffet, Mexborough & Swinton Astronomical Society  (Re: Mars Odyssey)
Text Box: “That is exactly how a lecture should be presented—Andrew should be paid to go into universities and teach people how to present lectures.
Dr. Allan Chapman, Wadham College Oxford
Text Box: “A wonderfully., highly professional performance presented with such enthusiasm and highly inspiring.”
David Powell, Cardiff Astronomical Society (Re: Carl Sagan Man of the Cosmos)
Odyssey LogText Box: They just loved it!
Text Box: “Last night's performance was perfect for our needs. 
In your beautifully crafted show, there was something for all. Fabulous pictures and evocative music helped weave a coherent story that has to fascinate all of us. Marvellous!”

Nick Hewitt Former-President British Astronomical Association
(Re: To See the Beginning of Time
Text Box: “Wonderful presentation Andrew should be on television with such a professional performance.”
Nick Hewitt Former-President British Astronomical Association
(Re: Mars Odyssey, Saturn Lord of the Rings, Fire in the Sky)
Text Box: “A Fantastic performance, highly inspirational, entertaining and deeply moving.”
John Meacham, Bristol Astronomical Society (Re: Mars Odyssey)
Text Box: “Having seen this talk advertised for many years I was expecting it to be dated with little in the way of
information that we didn't  already know. How wrong!, not only were we treated to a well researched history of
the observation of Saturn and latterly the very latest images available, but the whole presentation was given with
as much enthusiasm and passion as I can recall in nearly fifty years of personal interest in astronomy.”
Feedback from member of Hebden Bridge Astronomy Society (Re: Saturn Lord of the Rings)
Text Box: “I've been into Astronomy 
for over forty years, and   I think
"Lord of the Rings " was one of the best presentations I've ever seen , the 
ideal balance of science and aesthetics.”

Feedback from member of Hebden Bridge Astronomy Society (Re: Saturn Lord of the Rings)
Text Box: “A brilliant indoor Son et Lumiere combining science , history , art and emotive music different from any other science related presentation I have ever seen !”
Feedback from member of Hebden Bridge Astronomy Society (Re: Saturn Lord of the Rings)
Text Box: Contact# enquiries@andrewlound.com
Text Box: “Doubtless, you get lots of praise from societies when you visit them but I would like to add to the chorus! The content of your talk last night was absolutely fascinating and is obviously based on a lifelong interest in the subjects you touched on. Secondly, it is one thing to research and collect together all the juicy bits but it is quite another to present them with enthusiasm and panache.”

Mike Whitecross, Stratford Upon Avon Astronomical Society (Re: Chariots of Fire)
Text Box: “A breathtaking performance. Astronomy presented in a manner that inspires and educates. Stunningimages and accompanied with music and effects that I have only ever seen in a TV documentary. Andrew has brought this to life in unique way. Clearly the best speaker I have ever seen., and by far the best style.
Dr. William Ferguson, Chair, Edinburgh Public Science Committee
 (To See The Beginning of Time)