Odyssey LogText Box: Many companies large and small appreciate the need for good communication and although they will have internal communicators, the expertise and skill to carry a presentation at a major event is often a daunting task—especially when the skills required for a large event differ greatly from the skills for a presentation in a board room and internal meeting. 
Corporate Presentations are more than just an opportunity to sell a product or service, they offer an opportunity to establish a corporate identity, to demonstrate the credentials of a company though its history, its success. and its image for the future. Odyssey Corporate Presentations® offers the ideal solution. With nearly 40 years of experience presenting to a variety of organizations and numerous large events, I can provide a full service. Researching the history of your company, working with your marketing/communications representatives to create the perfect presentation for your company. I have prepared presentations for a number of companies that have been more than satisfied. 

Like all Odyssey Dramatic Presentations®, music, visual and sound effects are used to enhance the presentation. When required, props can be used and or products demonstrated. There is no doubt that at any event, no matter how many presentations will be given—everyone will be talking about YOUR Odyssey Corporate Presentation®.
Text Box: “The Odyssey Corporate Presentation® that Andrew prepared and presented for our company at the Local Government Associations’ Conference was remarkable, I wasn’t aware we were so good! It was the talking point of the conference.”

MD of a major supplier of quality products in Birmingham 
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Text Box: “Once again, thank you very much for the wonderful talk .  I’ve had such great feedback from it already and it’s only 9 am! Incredibly well researched and professionally presented.”

Tory Manning, Marketing Manager, Avery Weigh-Tronix Limited