Text Box: “Good speakers are hard to find, better ones even more so. November’s meeting at Bradmore was graced with the quite exceptional Andrew Lound who, returning for the second time in less than 12 months, treated an enthralled and packed audience to his ‘Lunatick Astronomy’.  No prizes for guessing the connection with Birmingham’s celebrated, and somewhat mysterious, Lunar Society but the tangential perspective given to the hitherto received wisdom concerning its principal architects Boulton, Watt, Murdoch, Erasmus Darwin et. al. was refreshing almost to the point of iconoclasm. Mr Lound, through a combination of his evidently detailed research and the powerful cogency of reasoned argument, presented a completely different picture from that with which we all may have been hitherto more familiar. Although, for example, being more readily associated with their eponymous steam engine it was demonstrated how Boulton and Watt considered this almost as a sideline, an encumbrance even, to their greater passion for astronomy and the ‘new’ sciences of the age. Mr. Lound adduced compelling, and fully illustrated, evidence of their work which, whether by accident or design, can now be equated with our contemporary understanding of matters as diverse as the internal combustion engine, black holes, optics and early notions of an eternally expanding universe. Presented as a group of luminaries, and not all male, who were patently years ahead of their day they were characterised by experimentation conducted within the parameters of both classical Newtonian theories and ground-breaking originality. And all this was told us by a man who himself presented something of an intriguing contradiction, appearing as he did in glorious period costume of the age whilst using modern power-point and sound techniques. Mr Lound holds that rare combination of intellectual adventurism, scientific integrity and pure showmanship and his ripping yarn was, not surprisingly, rewarded at the close with applause that echoed to the rafters. What a night.”
Graham Fisher MBE, Chairman,    Stafford & Worcester Canal Society   (Re: Lunatick Astronomy)
Text Box: “Once again, thank you very much for the wonderful talk last night.  I’ve had such great feedback from it already and it’s only 9 am! Incredibly well researched and professionally presented.”
Tory Manning, Marketing Manager, Avery Weigh-Tronix Limited
(Re: Life In The Balance)
Text Box: “The most professional performance I have ever seen. Incredibly well constructed and presented.”
David Hargreaves attending National Trust Sutton Coldfield (Re: The War of the Worlds)
Odyssey LogText Box: They just loved it!
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