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The region’s local TV station ‘Made In Birmingham TV’ is committed to quality local programming. I am presenting some episodes of ‘the Streets of Birmingham’ looking at the history of some of the regions most famous thoroughfares. I driven through the history of Snow Hill-Constitution Hill-Hockley Hill-Soho Road; St. Mary’s Church to Soho House Museum via Soho Foundry; Barr Street outside Hudson’s Whistles to Aston Hall via Witton Road Aston; From WBA football ground to West Bromwich and then on to Dudley; From the old Lloyds Test House through Netherton—Dudley to the Black Country Museum on the Tipton Road; From Old Hill Station through Stourbridge up the Crystal Mile to the Old Red House.

Constantly new presentations are being prepared upgrading all existing presentations enhancing graphics, images, sound effects, visual effects and music, as well as introducing new presentations.  Most of the presentations are being adapted for use on Zoom for streaming on-line.
Text Box: IMPORTANT COVID-19 (Coronovirus)
In-line with HM Government’s instructions public gatherings should be avoided. Organizations that have booked a presentation should notify me confirming the cancellation. The cancellation will be treated as a ‘re-arrangement’ and organizations should re-book for 2021. Please stay safe and follow Government instructions.
Alternatively you may wish to book one of my new Zoom presentations.
NEW PRESENTATIONS: APOLLO 13: FAILURE WAS NOT AN OPTION The dramatic story of the Apollo 13 mission that suffered an on-board explosion en-route to the Moon. In a very dramatic presentation the whole story is told with images period film and dramatic music. 3 versions available: General audience, Inspirational, and team building . (Especially commissioned presentation).
FROM TSIOLKOWSKY TO THE STARS—A history of the Russian Space Programme.
THEIR FINEST HOUR—THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN—A history of the Battle of Britain 1940.
DECEMBER 1940—THE NIGHT SOHO FOUNDRY WAS BOMBED The story of the bombing and recovery of Soho Foundry

ODYSSEY DUO PRESENTATIONS—new style featuring male and female performers
Through history in fact and fiction there have been great Duos. Wouldn’t it be marvelous to have on stage some of these duos to present their point of view to the audience? In the latest Odyssey Dramatic Presentation style Andrew with professional actress Penelope Ferguson will recreate some of history’s great duos. Three months lead time is required. Examples are:

Abraham Van Helsing & The Last Vampyre
William & Caroline Herschel
Mary Shelley’s Creation (family version presented at Stoke-on-Trent, Adult version to be performed in 2020)

Text Box: Recent Media work:
Talk Radio, Talk Sport regular space updates and commentary
Commentary on NASA Moon announcement.
Commentary on Shetland Space Port on BBC Scotland
Podcast interviews in USA
Talk Radio 1 hour review of the news.
Midnight in the Desert (USA) 2 hour radio special on the planet Mars
BBC Radio Leicester  Birmingham History commentary
BBC Radio 4 interview about industrial history
Birmingham Now TV Watch the Skies Astronomy slot 
BBC Radio WM Ghost stories from Birmingham’s history
BBC Radio WM Amaze & Astound with Andrew Lound
Talk Radio James Whale, Julia Hartley-Brewer Weekly space commentary 
Talk Sport Paul Ross, Space Commentary
Talk Radio, BBC Radio, BBC TV, MIB TV Apollo Anniversary commentary 
Made In Birmingham TV Two Minute History Bites
National Coverage of Hayabusa 2
National coverage of New Horizons at Ultima Thule, and Chang’e 4 Commentary Talk Radio/BBC
National coverage of InSight Mars Lander  commentary Talk Radio/BBC local
National coverage of Lunar Eclipse commentary MIB/Talk Radio/BBC local
Talk Radio Space Science commentary
Two Minute Histories for Made In Birmingham TV
Second Series of Streets of Birmingham on Made In Birmingham TV
Newspaper reports on release of new book
Made In Birmingham TV The Lowdown Titanic Interview
Made In Birmingham TV News Titanic Interview
Made In Birmingham TV Streets Of Birmingham/Black Country History series presentations
Talk Radio Space science  interviews
Big Centre TV  Lunatick Astronomy 3rd edition discussion
BBC Coventry & Warwicks & WM Tim Peake launch coverage
BBC Radio WM Tony & Julie The late Show Reunion
Big Centre TV  Political comments
Big Centre TV  Denis Healy Obituary
BBC Coventry & Warwicks Super Moon Eclipse intreview
Big Centre TV  Political Corruption in History interview
Big Centre TV  Declaration of war (1939) interview
Wall To Wall—Time Crashers—Played the role of the Viscount’s guest
Big Centre TV  Influential Lives Interview
Big Centre TV Doorstep History—W.E. Hipkins, Hoskins & Sewell, Tangye’s
Big Centre TV  news interview about the VE Day Anniversary
Big Centre TV  Breakfast news interview about the Titanic
Partial Eclipse radio interview on BBC Radio WM Sonny & Shay Show
Reports on Philae spacecraft to BBC Radio WM, Hereford & Worcester, & Coventry & Warwick
Performed the role of Matthew Boulton for Central ITV News.
Working with Alaska Productions on a programme about Canals.
Central ITV News reports about Perseids, Comets and Super Moon
Series of short films about Soho Foundry, Avery’s, and the Avery Historical Museum
Speaking at BBC Stargazing Live Event in Kidderminster, Redditch, & Birmingham
An Extra in the BBC TV Series ‘Dancing On The Edge’
Advisor and expert on ‘Children of The Titanic’ television documentary
Advisor and expert on new BBC TV series about measurement
Advisor & actor in film ‘Titanic Love’
Bullion Weigher loaned for TV series ‘Mrs. Biggs’
Jockey Scale loaned to BBC for an up-on-coming TV series on the ‘Peaky Blinders’
Regular commentary on space matters with BBC Radio WM and BBC Coventry & Warwicks
Extensive media coverage for the 1912: A Titanic Odyssey Exhibition:
	ITV Central News
	BBC Midlands News
	BBC Radio WM Ed Doolan Show; Carl Chinn Show
	Birmingham Evening Mail
	Birmingham Post
	Express & Star
Extensive media coverage for the Avery Historical Museum:
	BBC Radio WM Ed Doolan Show; Carl Chinn Show
	Birmingham Evening Mail
	Birmingham Post
	Express & Star
Text Box: Andrew’s book   
is available now from Author
For more details see the Publications page
Text Box: To order copies  of  ‘Lunatick Astronomy’ and ‘The Power of Balance’  e-mail  enquiries@andrewlound.com  both £10 plus £2 postage