Odyssey LogText Box: Space  Exhibitions & Displays
Text Box: I have nearly 40 years experience in arranging quality exhibits and displays for a wide variety of clients. My exhibitions are complimented with a series of Odyssey Dramatic Presentations® and local research as required. Models can be constructed and displays designed to fit client’s exhibition and display facilities.
Text Box: Model of  Cosmos 1 Solar Sail Spacecraft
Text Box: Space  Exhibitions can be arranged utilizing a very large resource of materials covering various spaceflight subjects:

Planetary Exploration
History of Rocketry/spaceflight
British Space projects
Text Box: Previous exhibitions have been staged at:

Avery Historical Museum
Soho House Museum
Birmingham Museum of Science & Industry
Weston-Super-Mare Museum
Jodrell Bank Science Centre
Royal Greenwich Observatory
Birmingham Central Library
Birmingham Library Archives
Dudley Museum & Art Gallery
Solihull Library
Sandwell Education Centre
Birmingham University
Needle Museum Redditch
Text Box: Models of various types and scale can be produced to support he exhibition
Text Box: APOLLO 50th Anniversary 1969-2019
2019 will mark the 50th anniversary of the first manned Moon Landing. Odyssey Productions ® is preparing a special exhibition featuring numerous models of various scales, video, dramatic presentations etc. Just contact me at enquiries@andrewlound.com for details and your requirements.
Text Box: Contact# enquiries@andrewlound.com