Text Box: “I have just arrived home from our WI meeting in Albrighton. I have been a member since 1972 and over the years we have had some very good speakers...However tonight was exceptional! You were the best speaker I have heard…..Your presentation was superb!  No microphone—your voice is so good and your diction so clear…..All by yourself you held 60 women spellbound for over an hour.  That takes some doing! Well done!! “

Janet Beddon, Albrighton Women’s Institute (Underlining and exclamation marks are the author’s) 
(Re: Titanic The Return of a Dream)
Text Box: “Last night I went to hear the speaker for the Friends of Dudley Castle - he was superb.  If you have him, your questionnaires will have a few 'very goods' ticked and the rest will be 'excellent'...... it was absolutely fantastic.  Although he has the same equipment as me a computer and projector—- I do a talk, this fellow does a performance.  I am very glad that I am not doing the talk next month for Friends of Dudley Castle, because I wouldn't want to have to follow such a show.”
Diane Mannering, Author, speaker. (Re: Titanic Midlands’ Connection)
Text Box: “The best event ever for Henley and Beaudesert Civic Society” was how Bill Leech’s vote of thanks described Andrew Lound’s presentation ‘Titanic’, at the society’s meeting on February 16th. Murmurs of ‘hear, hear’ from the audience confirmed Bill’s view.
Supported by numerous slides from disc, some with fade in/out or inset small pictures and some with music or sound effects, Andrew enacted the sighting of the iceberg, the collision avoidance manoeuvres and dramatic moments of the collision. He brought to life the ensuing events and confusion that arose during abandoning a ship carrying insufficient lifeboats to save the 1523 lives lost. Pictures of the wreck lying in the deep included a lone pair of shoes on the seabed.
The well-told detail and drama enthralled the audience so much.”
John Stott  Beaudesert Civic Society (Re: Titanic Return of a Dream)
Text Box: “A wonderful series of lectures—Again! I thought it would be impossible to follow your Man and the Cosmos series, however over the last few months we have been highly entertained and deeply moved.”
Fred King, U3A Sutton Coldfield 
(Re: Titanic Voyage Into Destiny series)
Text Box: “Andrew Lound's presentation was "Titanic, the Return of a Dream.. " and a most enthralling presentation it turned out to be. Andrew described the origins of the ship and the great rivalry between the White Star Line and the Cunard Line. He showed the many great boilers and enormous piston built for the ship and illustrated the many facets of life aboard, both for the 1st class passengers, and for the 3rd class passengers. Andrew was given a well-deserved acclamation.”
Review North Cheshire Photo Society (Re: Titanic Return of a Dream)
Text Box: “Thank you so much for the superb presentation last night. The applause made it so clear how the members had enjoyed every moment. It was so full of information and detail. As one member said at the end ‘I saw the film but I feel and understand so much more after this presentation.’”
Keith Jeavons, The Black Country Society 
(Re: Titanic The Midlands’ Connections)
Text Box: “Thank you so much for the superb dramatic presentation on the Titanic you gave to our U3A on Thursday last. Your knowledge and delivery were brilliant and the visual and auditory effects were excellent, I think we were ‘with you’ on the ship.  Yours has got to be the best presentation we have ever had and judging from the applause and remarks afterwards the whole audience agreed.”
Carol  Tiverton U3A, Devon (Re: Titanic The Return of A Dream)
Text Box: “That is the best lecture I have ever heard at a WI!”

Joan Malosti, Heart of England Women’s Institute( Re: Titanic The Return of A Dream)
Text Box: “What a fantastic night.  It was everything you said it would be - in fact even more so.  You entertained us royally and at the same time imparted a wealth of information. How you remember it all I do not know. We will certainly be in touch regarding a further presentation next year.”

Mike Lorenz, Midlands Coastal Cruising Club (Re: Titanic The Midlands’ Connections)
Text Box: “Just a quick note to say thanks very much for the excellent talk you gave
at the Library Theatre. As we left several people said it was the best
lunchtime lecture they had been to!”
Richard Albutt, Digital Programmes Manager, Birmingham Central Library (Re: Titanic The Midlands’ Connections)
Text Box: “The audience was held spellbound by Titanic expert, Andrew Lound, at a South Manchester Synagogue Cultural Committee event in Bowdon on Sunday night. Richard Hyman and his mother Jennifer were staggered to learn new information about Richard’s great grandfather, Joseph Abraham Hyman who survived the sinking.  Traumatised by his experience that night, Joseph had never spoken of his ordeal, or so his family had thought, until Andrew Lound presented the audience with evidence to the contrary.  Andrew had unearthed a newspaper interview that Joseph had given soon after the disaster in which he described seeing a ship’s officer shoot off a passenger’s chin during an attempt at crowd control.  Further revelations included the fact that Joseph had shared a lifeboat with J. Bruce Ismay, the managing director of   the White Star Line, owners of the ship.”

 Post event press release by Simone Sless,  South Manchester Synagogue (Re: Titanic The Return of a Dream)
Text Box: “Thank you very much indeed for coming along & giving us such an excellent presentation….It really was superb  & I know everyone enjoyed it immensely. I understand some people said you were one of the best speakers we have ever had! It was a lovely memorable evening, & one we shall all remember for a very long time.”

Auriel M. Bradley  St. Peter’s Ladies’ Club, Balsall Common (Re: Titanic The Return of a Dream).
Text Box: “What a wonderful afternoon we had! We shall certainly remember the occasion and our tragic journey on the Titanic. Thank you so much for this journey in time.”

Joan Willcox, Hagley WI (Re: Titanic The Return of a Dream)
Text Box: “Just a few lines, to say a big THANK YOU for a brilliant ”Dramatic Lecture”.  Everyone was enthralled and hanging on every word. People commented on the amount of detail and how fascinating the insights were and how you had structured the story, so well done.”

Alison Watkins, Chairman Wolverhampton Ladies’ Lunch Group (Re: Titanic The Return of a Dream)
Odyssey LogText Box: They just loved it!
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